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Memorable dialogue (incredibly long)

Me: ::snapping pictures of myself::
Dad: o_0 What are you doing.
Me: Being vain. :D
Dad: XD Uh huh.

Girl working at Cash for Chaos: And I was like, "T_t Eeny Miney Mo motherfucker, I haven't got all day! I have to GO."
Figgie: XDDD

cruciatus bella: Dude, everytime I fill out an application.. that question comes up: "Have you ever been convicted of a felony".. xD
cruciatus bella: "Uhm, I will be, if I don't get this job. >>"

LittleLolitaLoli: I looked all over my house
LittleLolitaLoli: I didn't leave my house either
cruciatus bella: ... That's fucked up..
LittleLolitaLoli: I know
cruciatus bella: If I were there.. e_e we'd be on hand and foot searching.
LittleLolitaLoli: I tried that
LittleLolitaLoli: If I killed someone, you would have a vat of acid and some cute rainboots
cruciatus bella: LOL. Nice. XD

Me: ::points at picture:: Where's your three colors?
Josh: There. ::points:: Orange, yellow, and black.
Me: x_X Black's not a color.
Alex: >_> It's the absence of color.
Me: O_O HUH. XD Black is ALL colors combined! WHITE is the absence of color. Hahaha. >D
Alex: ._.;;
Me: >:D!! Someone's not going to SCAD (art school).
Alex: >D Shut up.
Me: Oh man, that was great. I think I'll post it in Lauren's comments.
Alex: T_T NO PLEASE. Save me the degradation.
Me: ;3 Lol.

David from the bus: ::looks around:: >> Hey, more people are going to Hell than I thought.
Me: O_O... ::>D!!!!!!

Mr. Jones: ::draws a large tree:: So what formula would I use to solve for the height of this?
Some guy: o_O Hey, ain't that the Tree of Life at DisneyWorld?
Tasha: :X OMF, it does! That place rocks. I liked that tree.
Class: ::snickers::
Tasha: ::whispers to Jenny:: ;x Yeah, why don't we HANG someone from that tree.
Jenny: ::bangs her head on the table in laughter:: >D!!!!!!

Donita: o_O Tasha, why you look so...
Me: So... o_e
Donita: Depressed? :x;;
Me: -_-; I look like this everyday.
Donita: -_- I know.
Me: X3; Pfft.

Mr. Fields: ;D I'll give you an easy final... ::malicious laughter::
Tasha and Brittany: ::various gaggings, convulsions:: X_x;; T_T;;

Lauren from fashion: o_o Yeah, ever since the first day, I've been waiting for you to wear jeans.
Tasha: o_O Really. e_e; They're uncomfortable for me, that's why I dun wear them much.
Lauren from fashion: :3 I'd like watch you come in the door and check if you were wearing them or not.
Tasha: XD LOL!

::after school::
Sunny: :x Eep, your shirt strap ish hanging off.
Brittany: ::looks:: Ah! Why yes it is.
Tasha: ::touches her arm jokingly:: ;x Oh, it's so sexy.
Mr. Fields: O.O ::turns from his chair to look at us::
Brittany: >D Oh relax, me and her talk like that all the time.

Lauren: Hey, smell this! It's like dried blood. ::hands her an overhead marker::
Tasha: ::sniffs:: T_T Why yes it does... come to think of it... it smells like something else, but I can't say what.
Lauren: ::catches on:: >;x I was thinking that earlier...
Joey: O_o What's it smell like?
Lauren: E_e Smells like a lesbian vampire orgy.
Tasha: ::COUGHS:: X_X; wow, that was wrong.

Travis: e_e This class is boring...
Mrs. Adams: >/ Well, if everyone pays attention... it wouldn't be that way.
Tasha: E_e; No way. This goes BEYOND boring. This is depressing.

Re-Re: ::humored smile:: >/
Mr. Fields: ::twitch:: X_X DON'T SMILE IN MY CLASS.

Tiffany: That's so homo that you can't go tonight. :/
Tasha: :x I like homo, thank you.
Tiffany: lol!

::random conversation::
Mele: Yeah, and since I had my mouth all over it, he let me have it.
Lauren: Lol... ::gets that 'perverted mind' look:: o_e;
Tasha: >D!!! That sounded sooo wrong

Tasha: ::starts wandering off:: >>
Lauren: >D Hey, dark side of myself, come back here.

Mr. Jones: :;draws a problem on the board:: As you can see, we have some problems here.
Chris: Viagra helps. :X
Class: X_X ROFL.

Me: ::reads off paper:: Eventually, Sacco and Vanzetti... ::bursts out laughing for no reason:: WERE ELECTROCUTED. AHAHAHAHA!!
Me: >_x; oh man, I SWEAR I didn't MEAN TO LAUGH.
Mrs. Peirce: ._. Ohhhh boy...
Class and I: ::keep laughing for 3 minutes::

ProvidenceEnder: *hug* good luck and have fun, love of my life. don't slip off the stage ._.
kumori arcadia: XD;;;; You're sooo funny. ♥

ProvidenceEnder: it IS disturbing.
kumori arcadia: XD LOL.
ProvidenceEnder: but... pretty.
kumori arcadia: I love it though. :x Yah.
ProvidenceEnder: it makes me want to dance with a knife.
ProvidenceEnder: and giggle..
kumori arcadia: HOLY CRAP. XD; DEVON.
kumori arcadia: I just slapped my face at that comment. XD;
ProvidenceEnder: :x

Girls11 Mitsuko: Nothin much... I have to pick up my mum from work soon. :/
Girls11 Mitsuko: How about you?
Radiantgrace: same. just bored kinda tired. i'm gonna bathe my ass soon! alas i say!
Girls11 Mitsuko: :B Lol!
Girls11 Mitsuko: ::hug:: u.u I wish you could come.
Radiantgrace: to the shower?!?!?! O_O
Girls11 Mitsuko: O_O To the play. XD LOL!!

Dan: ::puts on some chapstick::
Me: :D Ohh, smells like Vanilla!
Dan: o_O You want to eat me?
Me: ... =.=... Oh boy.
Dan: x3

::in front of Barnes & Noble::
My dad: ::parks the car:: O_O EEEK!
Me: o_0 What?
My dad: O_O Look what we parked next to!
Me: ::looks out the window:: XD; Ohmygawth. (We were parked next to Funeral hearse.)
::we got out of the car::
Me: o_o Hey, we're parked next to a police car too. >> Wow, this is really coincidental.
My dad: ::looking in the Funeral hearse:: e_e There's a coffin in there.
Me: o_O; Are you serious. ::looks:: No there's not. >D
My dad: x3; Hee, a little morbid humor there.
Me: ::quietly:: So this is where I get it from. e_e?

My Hrt Shaped Bx: just not the right guy yet
My Hrt Shaped Bx: hold in there Tawshia
My Hrt Shaped Bx: he'll come
My Hrt Shaped Bx: and when he does
My Hrt Shaped Bx: you'll know
gothiqal melody: T_T they always... hrmph.
gothiqal melody: I'd probably find the right guy in a mental hospital.
gothiqal melody: ;x beautifully tragic one.
My Hrt Shaped Bx: yeahy
My Hrt Shaped Bx: and he'll love you forever!
My Hrt Shaped Bx: and so will his other 4 personalities
My Hrt Shaped Bx: XD
gothiqal melody: LMAO!!!

Tomurai no Hatsu: >_> I'm a plant that has been put in a pantry closet.
Tomurai no Hatsu: And.. sometimes that door opens, and the sun shines through e.e;
ProvidenceEnder: i'm the serial killer in the backyard.
Tomurai no Hatsu: LMFAO. >XD;

BLUEpuddleDROPS: i love the ending..
BLUEpuddleDROPS: oh tashaaa ::huggles:: its so beautiful..
BLUEpuddleDROPS: a part of you.. ^^
BLUEpuddleDROPS: = ,= a..tormented part of you...

freyaXchi: > ,> i remember the first time i met you and devon was talking about you "::says all seriously:: "tasha..has a gift for writing. the things she writes..their amazing. ive never read, or met someone that could write better than her. she can come up with something that would take me weeks to come up with, in minutes."
freyaXchi: its so true though
freyaXchi: XD
freyaXchi: > ,> and that other time you sent me some of your poetry..
Tomurai no Hatsu: XD LMAO. Are you serious.

::discussion on personality types::
Me: Pfft, I love to fight people. e_e
Alex: Hmm, I'm kinda like a puppy dog. :/
Me: XD Awwww, that made me want to pet you.
Alex: ._. We'll stop right there.
Me: XD!!!

::discussion on vinyl pants::
Me: Dude, once I wore vinyl pants. And came home with a hole in my crotch. x_X;
Alex: Oh. :x Tasty.
Me: ::CHOKES:: WTF. >D!!!!

Some kid: e.e Bleh, I don't want to stay for this.
Hechter: No, stay for Natasha's one... stay for at least one. ;D And then you can leave, when Dan comes up to do his. ::hearty laugh:: XD WAHAHAHA.
Me: ::echoing Hechter:: XD WAHAHAHAHA, SHOT DOWN!!
Dan: =____=;;;

Some boy: Mrs. Fraker! Guess what!
Fraker: What? o.o
Boy: :B I'm dropping out of school!
Fraker: :D Good job!
Class: X3!!

Krishna: Mrs. Fraker!
Fraker: Yees?
Krishna: O_O Do you live in Summerlin?
Class: O_O WTF.
Fraker: Nooope.
Other guy: Do you live in the ghetto?
Class: X_X;;;
Fraker: Kind of. :x
Guy: O_O Really?
Krishna: o_O Mrs. Fraker, you're from da hood?!

Class: o.o
Girl: XD Dude, I throw my pen at you and that makes me a slut?
Fahy: O_O SEñor! What did you just call her?! Do you call all your lady friends that?!
Shane: x_x Well no... I mean, just this once...
Fahy: T_T That's disrespectful. A woman would be REALLY offended.
Shane: e_e I'm sorry! But she got knee-pads for Christmas anyway... and
Class: O____O... ::snickering::
Fahy: T_T Was I supposed to... understand that?
Class: XD oH geez.... She doesn't even GET it..
Fahy: ::afterawhile:: >D You WERE talking about roller skating, RIGHT?
Shane: :x Yes Ma'am. >x;;;

Me: ::with head down:: -___- Mmmph... ::mumbles incoherently::
Antonio: ::pokes my leg with a sharp object::
Me: -___- That so better be a pencil.
Antonio: ::puts his hand on my leg:: :>?
Antonio: XD Teehee.

::during a test in class, majority of the class had our books open::
Hechter: ::randomly walks by:: T_T WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! TEXTBOOKS?!
Class: ::sounds of books shutting:: O_O;;;;;;
Kimmy and I: ::slowly closing our books:: .___.;;;

::we Seniors sit in one corner::
Me: XD Guys, it's time for us to start ditching! It's 4th quarter!
All of us: Teehee! x3
Antonio: Actually, it's time for me to stop. ._.;; ::snicker:: xD

::we were having a discussion about nuclear energy pods::
Kid: Well, you could ship them over the ocean to Russia.
Hechter: Yes, but what if the ship were to sink... and the pods infected all of the fish in the sea::
Kimmy: T_T; There goes my tuna.
Me: ;_; There goes my salmon.
Dan: Wait, what are we talking about? What?
Me: We're talking about if the nuclear pods were to sink in the ocean and infect the fishes.
Kimmy and I: O______O;;;;; XD!!!! OMF.

::all us minorities were sitting at one table::
Mike: ::eats a chocolate using chopsticks::
Hechter: ::sees it:: O_O WHAT ARE YOU DOING.
Mike: >.> Eating the chocolate.
Asians: O_O;;; Pbft.
Hechter: With chopsticks?
Mike: >.> I dun want my hands dirty.
Hechter: XD OHHH, you silly Asians.
Christina: ::quietly:: Oh, us sillly minorities. ._.
Our table: XD;;;;

Momma Poe: o_o; I seriously hope no one plagiarized...
Tyler: ::quietly:: ;/ ...Are you challenging me?

Ms. Cruz: So... how are Macbeth and Lady Macbeth perfect for each other?
Class: ...
Tyler: >_> WELL... they do have the same last name...
Class: X_X ::lmao...::

Tomurai no Hatsu: ::cling:: ._. What are you doing this evening?
K BeatrixKiddo B: Eating crab. o_o
K BeatrixKiddo B: You?
Tomurai no Hatsu: e,e; Eating eggrolls.
Tomurai no Hatsu: >_>; I had to cook them earlier, and they kept on rolling to the cooked side... and I was trying to get them to stay on the uncooked side.
Tomurai no Hatsu: I was yelling at the eggrolls. x_x
K BeatrixKiddo B: I somehow see that happeneing.

Mr. Shimko: Now... let's see. What does a pirate look like?
A jock: o_o Johnny Depp.

Ryan: ::points at a car:: o_o It's a redneck car.
Middi and I: ::looks:: o_o?
Ryan: >x Right there. ::points::
Middi: >D Ryan, you DORK. There's PEOPLE IN THERE.
Me: ::mental face slap:: -___-; Yeah, they're gonna run us over now...
Ryan: >>; Oh.

::as I was coming down the stairs to go to my car::
Two black guys: ::chit chatting::
Me: ::steps down from the last step::
Black guy: O_O It's a goth girl.
Me: ::Uhm:: ^_^;;;?
Black guy: >X Ah, I have to hug you.
Me: ::smothered:: e_e Okay...
Black guy to other black guy: >D;; Aww, they are so cuute, aren't they? If I could just get one home with me...
Me: ::sweatdrop::
Black guy: ::pushes me away to look at me:: ^_^ There's nothing wrong with wearing all black... see, I'm even black. ;x
Me: ::blink blink:: :x Ohkai. I'm going to go now.

::Middi was telling me that after we graduate, her mum is sending her to Spain ;____;::
TheSinfulDesire: She told me she promised my grandmother that I'm going..for the whole summer.
K GoGoYubari B: -_-; Argh. Take me with you. x3;
TheSinfulDesire: The airport will consider you a weapon. >D
TheSinfulDesire: Tasha Angry = SEVERE TERRORIST ALERT~
TheSinfulDesire: Silly Americans. ~_~

Nick B: I wonder if people are naked in Hell... and that's why it's so hot there. e_e;;

GoLolitaChanGo: >D; I despise vegetables.
GoLolitaChanGo: Except mushrooms, and some leaves
afterglow34: okay
afterglow34: you like shrooms and grass
afterglow34: nice
afterglow34: lol


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