.♥Kira J. Doll♥. (chiizukeekisan) wrote,
.♥Kira J. Doll♥.

Good goth, this was amusing X333


Word used: "Tasha"

--All Tasha, All The Time.
--Gotta Lotta Tasha.
--Please Don't Squeeze The Tasha.
--It Takes A Tough Man To Make A Tender Tasha.
--151 Countries, One Tasha.
--Watch Out, There's a Tasha About.
--Good Tasha Has Danish Written All Over It. (LMAO, WHAT XD)
--No Tasha, No Comment.
--Absolut Tasha.

Word used: "Lolita"

--Designed for Lolita, Engineered to Last.
--What Would You Do For A Lolita? (What would you do for a Klondike Bar? XD)
--My Anti-Drug is Lolita.
--This Is Not Your Father's Lolita.
--Would You Give Someone Your Last Lolita?
--Something Special In The Lolita.
--Only a Fool Breaks the Lolita.
--I Think, Therefore Lolita.
--Only Lolita Can Prevent Forest Fires. (Oh man... XD)

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