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PAYPAL is the preferred method of payment. Well-concealed cash MUST be sent out in a timely manner or you will be banned from buying from me. Payment MUST be received within 2 days (if paying by PAYPAL) or 7 days (if paying by mail-order).

★ As of 2/11/2010, I will NOT do holds due to having to go after buyers who had ultimately "changed their minds" on an item. The person who leaves their paypal address first will take priority.

★ If you do not like the price, feel free to make a REASONABLE offer.

★ I ship from the US 89134.

★ I am MORE than happy to combine shipping on multiple purchases, on which I often lower the total amount due.

★ My feedback can be found here: http://chiizukeekisan.livejournal.com/7155.html#cutid1 and here http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/257468.html
eyepatch, gurololi, loli

Good goth, this was amusing X333


Word used: "Tasha"

--All Tasha, All The Time.
--Gotta Lotta Tasha.
--Please Don't Squeeze The Tasha.
--It Takes A Tough Man To Make A Tender Tasha.
--151 Countries, One Tasha.
--Watch Out, There's a Tasha About.
--Good Tasha Has Danish Written All Over It. (LMAO, WHAT XD)
--No Tasha, No Comment.
--Absolut Tasha.

Word used: "Lolita"

--Designed for Lolita, Engineered to Last.
--What Would You Do For A Lolita? (What would you do for a Klondike Bar? XD)
--My Anti-Drug is Lolita.
--This Is Not Your Father's Lolita.
--Would You Give Someone Your Last Lolita?
--Something Special In The Lolita.
--Only a Fool Breaks the Lolita.
--I Think, Therefore Lolita.
--Only Lolita Can Prevent Forest Fires. (Oh man... XD)
eyepatch, gurololi, loli


Iiiiiiiiiiiiif there's any bitches up in here~ :O!!
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